Social Awareness

Equality and Accessibility. ECOlaTRINE prides ourselves on providing units and services which leads to clean accessible sanitation solutions for all,

including people with a disability. We also strive to provide employment opportunities within the community where ECOlaTRINE units are used,

to people with disabilities.

The Environment

Waterless, sawdust toilets save water and prevents waste disposal into ageing and dysfunctional sewerage systems.

Prevent contamination of ground water and existing water resources. This is done through ensuring safe disposal of waste in a controlled

environment. Through a tested and monitored process, humanure composting processes, biogas and vermiculture projects are established in

selected and controlled areas. 

Creating Employment

ECOlaTRINEs vision is to develop skills, train, employ and upskill the youth and women in the communities.

Skills development will provide an opportunity for the community to get involved in carpentry for maintenance, servicing of the units and the

biogas and composting services.

ECOlaTRINEs long term vision is to upskill community based employees to establish a sustainable sanitation and waste management structure,

applying a scientific approach and monitoring system.

Food Security

Research projects are currently being investigated to utilize humanure and other composting products in permaculture and agriculture projects.

ECOCompost has undergone testing and has been found to be pathogen free. Current application can therefore extend to forestry for the

planting of seedlings and young trees and mining in land rehabilitation programs. Agricultural application can extend to transformation of

nutrient deficient agricultural land, planting of long stemmed vegetables i.e. chillies, tomatoes, beans, mielies etc. contributing to food security.