ECOlaTRINE toilets was born out of a passion

for Sport for the Physically Disabled and the frustration with current portable facilities

at sport events which do not cater for all athletes and spectators.

ECOlaTRINE provides a waterless sawdust toilet and waste management system

which can also be built as a Universally accessible sanitation solution.

The toilet seat structure is designed for easy transfer between wheelchairs and toilet seats.

Seat heights can also be altered to accommodate smaller individuals catering

for primary school sanitation requirements.

At present the market caters for either able or disabled toilets.

ECOlaTRINE caters for both within one structure.

Unique features of ECOlaTRINE units are:


The innovative design is a portable, folding and stacking unit, built from wood – and quick to assemble or take down

Waterless units – with a screw lid toilet drum which can be closed and removed when full, during an event, and replaced with a clean drum.

Sawdust (tested and approved) is used to cover urine, human waste and toilet paper which provide the next user with an odorless and clean looking toilet.

Cleaning staff attend to units and regular, safe removal of human waste during events.

Units are issued with solar lights if required for early morning or evening events.